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To pay your window cleaning bill by paypal Please click on the Pay Now button, add the Amount you owe, and it will be credited to Account within 7 days.

Bank Transfer:

Please email us with your address details and we will forward our bank details. Email:


Please send cheque  to:

123 Shelthorpe Road, Loughborough, LE11 2PD

And please include you address so that we can mark your payment off. Thank you!


Please include your address and put in an envelope. Please do not send cash through the post.

Standing Order

Please request a standing order from


To all our customers:

We are upgrading our accounts system.This new  system will be able to send an email advising that we will soon be there to clean your windows and can also send an email with the invoice once they have been cleaned.

We will continue to leave a ticket.

If you would like an email, please let us know.

To book your carpet clean just call Richard on

07795 231736

To pay now using Paypal. Please  click the Pay button


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