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CVC have been established in Leicestershire for over 10 years and offer their services for block pave cleaning, sealing and refurbishment.

Cleaning Driveways is essential to maintaining the look and condition of your drive.  Over time paving gets dirty with in-ground dirt, moss and algae which retracts from the look of your drive.  Weeds also make it look unsightly and and can cause damage to block paving and tarmac from their roots.

We clean your drive without any toxic chemicals using advanced rotary cleaners and industrial jet washers.  This will remove years worth of accumulated dirt leaving the area looking as new again.

Block paving drives will need a separate visit to replace the sand between the blocks.

We can also apply protective sealants to give your drive a long term durability which will help prevent future weeds, staining and algae discolouring it, and making it easier to maintain for years to come.

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CVC offer can clean and re-seal many types of driveways including, block paving, concrete, decking, and paving slabs.

First, we clear the drive way of any objects and then sweep to clean away the dirt and loose debris.  We are careful not to block any drains or grated channels.

Then we use a high pressure rotary washer or industrial pressure washer to remove the ground in dirt, weeds, moss and most stains.  We will require to access to water for this.

The driveway is then swept and washed and finally checked for stains for marks such as oil, tyre marks.  Any remaining marks will be treated with our stain removal chemicals.  Although we can not guarantee complete stain removal, we are usually successful in getting out oil stains, tyre marks, plant stains etc.  We also check and clean doors, windows and walls to ensure we have not left any mess.  We usually give a complimentary ground level window clean.

If required, we would then re visit for further work such as re sanding block paving, or sealing.  These need to be done in dry conditions and as such we are subject to the weather.

 Mono block driveways will require re-sanding, to leave the drive way looking as new again.  We would recommend that driveways are sealed with an acrylic sealer to help prevent them getting stained and weeds growing.

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Oil stains, chewing gum, tyre marks and algae

Most marks can be removed using our professional jet washer, making the driveway clean without the need for chemicals.  We can remove chewing gum, grease and tyre marks in most cases.  We're marks are not able to removed with the pressure washer, we can try some of our chemical remedies or offer to replace the offending block with a new one.

Decking can quickly look grubby and dirty if not maintained,  and even been dangerous with algae and grim that can make it slippery.  Our professional pressure washing service can remove the dirt and make it clean again.  We would recommend this is done on an annual basis if the decking is in a shaded area.

Our cleaning will restore the natural look of the wood and we recommend that the wood is treated after it has dried with a quality decking oil to help protect if for longer.

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